Threat Report 2018 by Webroot

By Lily Otton • August 28, 2018

"When it comes to cyber security, the only constant is change." - Webroot Threat Report, 2018.

We recently reviewed Webroot's SecureAnywhere product and are pleased to offer the product as the go-to security software for many of our clients. As a company with an invested interest in the ever changing world of cyber security and threat management, Webroot are also the producers of a quarterly Threat Report, a necessary guide to the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Read the full report here.

The report uses data acquired by Webroot throughout the last year and notes several trends from 2017, including a rise in Polymorphic malware - malware which is especially designed to evade detection.

The report also notes the significant difference of running Windows 10 compared with Windows 7, with only 15% of malware detected on machines running Windows 10, in contrast to the 63% found on those running Windows 7.

There's important updates regarding the increase in phishing sites - a technique where the sender fraudulently tries to obtain the victim's sensitive data, often including credit card information and bank details. These attacks are also increasingly short lived, reinstating the importance of using real time threat detection software.

The report is a must read for anyone keeping on eye of the ever changing landscape of cyber security - and for a quicker run down, you can take a look at their handy infographic.

View the infographic here.

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