The 4th Industrial Revolution

By admin • February 26, 2018

At IT Champion, we spend most of our day helping companies to transform their business. Whether that’s by moving some or all their IT into the cloud or by improving their on-premise IT systems. We’re always using the latest technology to make sure our customers have a competitive edge in a rapidly changing business environment. 

Matt Phillips, Managing Director at IT Champion firmly believes “We’re now living on the brink of a 4th industrial revolution, of which the scope is so huge that it’ll be unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s set to fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and interact with each other”.

It can be difficult to get on board with the idea of digital transformation when you’re an established business with legacy systems in place that have been fit for purpose for years. In the past it was a lot easier for companies to focus on making their processes efficient and effective, whereas now it’s a lot more necessary to keep up with a constantly evolving landscape and innovate at a pace that ensures your business doesn’t get left behind.

One of the key ways we see this transformation taking place is in ‘The Cloud’ – the modern way of connecting people, data and processes to create value for customers. The UK have been falling behind in embracing this new structure, chasing the tail of our European neighbours, but 2018 is set to be the year that more companies make the change and modernise the way they do business.

Cloud computing is the process of moving some or all of your IT services onto the internet – “The Cloud.” Transitioning your IT resources to The Cloud enhances your efficiency, agility, customer responsiveness, cost optimisation, scalability and security.


1. Moving to the cloud can save you money, as it eliminates the expense of buying hardware and software

2. The resources are ‘elastic,’ meaning you can scale up or down the services you require depending on your unique business needs

3. The Cloud makes data back-up and disaster recovery less expensive and much easier to handle.

IT Champion help businesses move the right areas of their existing IT infrastructure into The Cloud. We work with cloud provider ‘Microsoft Azure,’ and we’re seeing more businesses than ever leave traditional IT resources to migrate to this new modern way of working.

The IT Champion mission is to empower our clients by building innovative technology solutions using the best tools the IT industry can offer.

Our expertise to help clients to transform their businesses are a mix of people and products. Unlike other IT providers we differentiate ourselves by going above and beyond, to exceed expectations. We’re committed to ensuring our IT solutions do not burden clients with integration and are secure, compliant and fit for purpose.

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