South Devon College Case Study

By admin • June 19, 2018

Case Study: Integration of Thin Clients to College Network

Client Name: South Devon College
Industry Sector: Education
PC Users: 1000+
Locations: Six Locations in South Devon
Contact: Jeff Tate
Job Title: Deputy IT Manager
Date: 2018

Client Background:

At South Devon College, everything they do is built around the experience of their students by helping them make the most of their time at the college and progressing their education. They have an unwavering passion for learning, and pride themselves on delivering excellent programmes of study. They offer a wide range of courses and qualifications for learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, all of which are designed to help develop skills and confidence.


Recently South Devon College were tasked to merge with Devon Studio School. This meant that the technology at the school needed to be integrated quickly and seamlessly with the college network.

The IT Team at the college wanted an IT company to provide external technical expertise and assistance to help with the project, and they contacted IT Champion to provide high level 3rd line support and project management throughout the merger.

The IT element of the project was to be delivered at short notice and IT Champion engineers were asked to develop a solution and project plan to implement some of the technical aspects of the merger.


Following an analysis and requirements gathering phase, IT Champion engineers determined how to integrate 50+ thin clients at the school into the college network.

The project was planned to be delivered over two days and the main components of the work included:

• Integrate and onboard approximately 50 thin clients into the College network and RDS platform.

• Temporary integration of existing network infrastructure until new connectivity solution was installed and made available.

• Establish connectivity between the school site and the main college network.

• Deploy the existing thin client platform at the school onto the college RDS platform.

All of the work was carried out by IT Champion engineers at short notice and the project was delivered to quick timescales so that the merger could be completed as fast as possible.

This project is an example of the IT integration and support services that IT Champion has supplied to the education sector. Don’t just take our word for it, get in touch with South Devon College if you would like to hear what they think about the level of service they received from IT Champion during an important time for the college.


"At South Devon College we have an experienced team of technicians who look after the IT needs of the college on a day to day basis. The main issue we came up against when we were tasked with merging another site onto our network was to understand and learn a different technology that the team didn’t have recent experience of. Whilst we are introduced to new technologies on an on-going basis and are constantly upgrading our skills, we needed to guarantee that the merger of this new site was a seamless process and that the delivery of teaching and learning was not interrupted. We were also tasked with completing this alongside our current projects and work commitments.

In agreeing a timescale with IT Champion, they managed the project by completing any preliminary findings before the switchover date, and then were on-site working alongside our own technicians so they could pass on any knowledge needed so our own technicians could look after the on-going management of the new systems. The fact that we had IT Champion to complete this work with us gave us the reassurance that any issues arising would be suitably managed and also the timescale given would be met so our own technicians could carry on with their normal duties as soon as this extra project was completed.

We were pleased with the service of IT Champion and also their communication with us since when we have needed to ask any questions relating to this change in technology for us."

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