SharePoint Newsfeed Enhancements

Matt Phillips By Matt Phillips • April 4, 2019

At IT Champion we love SharePoint, in particular the news content distribution system is great as it works across personal, team and organisational news. News articles and links can be composed on browser or mobile platforms, and are easily published in portals, Microsoft Teams, email, Microsoft Search and more. 

In March Microsoft released rich new capabilities that empower communicators to keep groups, departments and divisions up to date easily.

In this article we explore the new features and outline how your organisation can utilise SharePoint News effectively.

Organise News

Within the new newsfeed, you can now organise your news posts to appear in custom order. This means you can highlight high-value content knowing it is more visible among articles published on a site.

1-Sort Order

Figure 1. Controlling the news display sort order

Authoritative News

News can come from many different sites. But you might have "official" or "authoritative" sites for organisation wide news. When these sites are specified as organisation news sources, posts from these sites are interleaved throughout all news posts displayed for users on SharePoint home in Office 365, or via the news tab in SharePoint mobile. They are distinguished by a colour block on the title as a visual cue.  Admins can manage news sources using simple commands, referenced below.


Figure 2. Site showing authoritative organisation wide news

News Notifications from Followed Sites

Starting in March 2019, users that follow sites will start to get notifications for any news posted on those sites. They will also get notifications when people they work with post news.  And soon, news notifications can be delivered over email as well.  It’s never been easier to stay up to date with information from key areas of your intranet.

Page Templates

You've created a great page, and you want to make it available for others to use as a starting point for their pages. Or, you need to create a page, but aren’t sure where to start.  Page templates can save time. Initially, Microsoft will ship three different page templates – basic, text-centric and visual, as shown below.  You can also create your own templates from existing pages.  Once a page is saved as a template, it can be chosen from the Template gallery as users create pages and news. 


Figure 3. SharePoint page templates

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