Microsoft - OneNote

By admin • June 7, 2019

At IT Champion we like to promote underutilised Microsoft programs that are often overlooked by the users. Office 365 comes packed with an ever-growing list of apps and tools which you might not know much about. Today we will be discussing One Note!

One Note is Microsoft’s digital take on your standard notebook. At first glance, a digital version of a diary might not sound like an interesting topic, but One Note is so much more than a note pad.

“OneNote lets you type information in your notebook or insert it from other apps and web pages, take handwritten notes or draw ideas using a stylus or your finger, use highlighting and tags for easy follow-up, share notebooks to collaborate with others and access your notebooks from any device. You can even record audio notes, insert online videos and add files” – Microsoft News Centre UK (2019).

Note access

Your Microsoft Account can be accessed online, via the cloud which keeps your notes and plans with you wherever you go, with the access from your pc, laptop, tablet or a mobile. In addition to this, anything that you put in is automatically synced across all your devices.

Your life in one place

You must be used to replacing your notepad every single year or simply when the space just runs out. With One Note, this is a problem of the past. You can easily add pages if necessary but also create a directory of different notebooks for different aspects of your life – private and professional.

One Note – ‘More than Word’

The tools primarily role is to capture and retain your physical notes, but these are not bound only to words anymore. You can add excel tables to your notes, pictures, links and videos to supplement your notes.


You can turn your notepad into a functioning Wiki page by linking specific heading with coordinating paragraphs. This allows you to build a structured Wiki page which allows you to navigate through your notepad with ease.


Your notebook is private, it is your personal diary, but it does give you an ability to share certain by inviting other people to view or edit any information. A great way to share your thoughts with someone, actively brainstorm or to collaborate.

These are some of the recommendations on how you could utilise One Note for your own benefit and take your organisational skills to another level. If you are interested in learning more about the ever-growing Office 365 applications, keep an eye out for our upcoming events on Microsoft solutions or simply contact us!