It's Coming Home! AWP Football Tournament 2018

By Lily Otton • July 20, 2018

Quick on the tails of that recent 'football competition' that we're not talking about (#itsnotcominghome) comes the AWP Football Tournament 2018!

We may have mentioned last years victory one or two times, so we needed to go back and ferociously defend the title against the other 5 teams. The ITC team took on Cavanna Homes, Girling Jones, Ruddlesden Geotechnic, Wainhomes and the gracious hosts Awcock Ward Partnership in 10 minute matches for the much coveted trophy.

Glenn in action
It wasn't smooth sailing, with our first match against Girling Jones ending with no goals on either side, and us facing a 2-0 defeat against AWP. However, a significant 6-0 victory against Ruddlesden Geotechnic gave us the goal boost we needed to make it in to the final with Cavanna Homes!

We were thrilled to hold on to our title by triumphing 1-0 in the final, ensuring the trophy could again come back to rest in the IT Champion office. Well done to our team, and we'll see you all again in 2019!

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