How Microsoft Azure Cements your GDPR Compliance

By Lily Otton • June 12, 2018

While the GDPR deadline panic may be over, there's still the ongoing work to do to ensure your company is meeting the standards laid out by the new data protection law. The team at Microsoft Azure have been working hard to guarantee that their products and services ease this transition by releasing "an unmatched array of new features and resources to help support compliance with the GDPR and the policy needs of Azure customers."

These include Azure Data Subject Requests, allowing you to easily fulfil access requests, including the ability to search, access, and export the data into an electronic copy. Considering the vast wealth of 'personal data' your company may be holding under the new legislation, and the individual's right to access that data, this free tool for users is bound to be an invaluable resource.

They also offer an
 Azure Policy service, a tool that permits users to set policies for data management:

"You can use Azure Policy to define and enforce policies that help your cloud environment become compliant with internal policies as well as external regulations."

This should help your company in a variety of scenarios, including ensuring that your data is encrypted as in line with the GDPR guidelines.

You should also be making the most of the new Compliance Manager tool, as this dashboard gives you the ability to 'assign, track, and record your GDPR compliance' thoroughly assessing your companies risk and providing guidance on your own self assessment.

Microsoft Azure promises to continue building and releasing further tools to continue their reputation as a trusted, private and secure cloud service. At IT Champion, we're happy to discuss how the Microsoft Azure Cloud can strengthen your GDPR compliance whilst improving your flexibility and performance.