Have your say! The Charity Digital Code of Practice

By Lily Otton • July 5, 2018

As noted in our previous blog, the recent The Digital Skills Report shone a light on the digital skills gap visible in many of the UK's charities. The report cited cost, time, and issues with leadership as just some of the reasons that some employees believe that charities can be left trailing behind other business in this field.

Developed by key organisations across the charitable sector, the Charity Digital Code of Practice is here to close the gap.

"The Charity Digital Code of Practice aims to help charities increase impact, develop skills and improve sustainability."

The code intends to give charities of all sizes a place to start with digital, setting out a 'consistent framework' of advice and guidelines in how to use digital tools effectively and with the biggest impact. Organisations will be able to compare their digital efforts and strategy with the code and use it as a guideline for the future.

The code is yet to be finalised, but when it is it'll be shaped by these 7 principles - leadership, user led, culture, strategy, skills, managing risks and ethics, and adaptability.

And now they're asking for your help! If you're in any way involved with a charitable organisation, join the conversation and take part in their online survey. Results will be used to shape the code, so make sure that your voice is heard in the run up to the code's launch at the end of 2018.

You've got until Tuesday 25th September to take part - make sure you get involved.

In the meantime, if you'd like to meet us for a coffee to talk about IT Champion helping your charity achieve more - get in touch!