Was Your Business Affected by the Weather?

By admin • February 12, 2019

As you are aware, we had our first, real taste a couple of weeks ago. Many people working in Exeter commute every day from nearby towns, and due to conditions, many could not make the journey to work. Around 80% of our team also lives outside of Exeter and were unable to make their way into the office (as you can see from the picture of our empty office) although, that did not stop any of them from working from home and providing you with the same IT Champion service that you are used to.

A lot of business owners and managers dread the idea of their team members working from home and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, it can be difficult to get access to important software or documents, which may only be accessible from the office environment. Secondly, it is the communication aspect, as most businesses do some or all of their work via the phone, remote working can make it difficult to use the company’s phone system. Thirdly, managers might find it hard to manage a remote work force, it is challenging to delegate tasks and oversee team members that are not physically present.

At IT Champion, we do not worry about any of the above. All of our software is accessible over the Internet, our files and documents are stored safely in SharePoint Online, which gives our team members access to files that they need in order to work. They can collaborate and work simultaneously together, without the fear of losing any work. Our team members also have access to Skype for Business, which is an online telephone system that can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. This allowed our team to take phone calls and resolve any issues with ease. With Microsoft Teams, the entire team force can easily collaborate and share files to ensure that day to day business operations were running smoothly.

The entire business is essentially an online model. It can be accessed by any of our team members, whenever and from wherever. For us, working from home is just another day at the office. Can your business do that?

We have only mentioned a fraction of advantages that these tools bring to our workplace, but If you are interested in learning how you could implement these tools to benefit your business, get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

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