5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WiFi

By admin • February 15, 2018

Slow Wi-Fi speeds holding you back at work? Here’s 5 easy changes you can make to boost that speed and get the most out of your day, as seen in our article for Grow Exeter's January issue.

  1. Don’t put your router on the floor – you could find that even just moving it to a low table could make a big difference to your signal.
  2. Use a Wi-Fi analyser (available for your iPhone or Android) to get an in depth look into your signal, including the ability to check which channel you’re broadcasting on and make sure it’s not the same as your neighbours’.
  3. Ensure your network is protected with a WPA2 password to stop just anyone connecting in when they’re nearby and dragging your speed down. 
  4. If you’ve got an Ethernet connection you can configure your settings to broadcast the signal out for your other devices to latch on to, providing a stronger connection.
  5. Tried the above to no avail? It might be time to upgrade your router, especially if it's the one that came bundled in with your broadband deal. Get in touch with us for options!