Possibly the best complaint of 2017!

By admin • January 17, 2017


I need to inform you about Glenn’s behaviour in relation to the router/firewall changeover here yesterday and this morning.

Despite by best efforts to find faults and point out things which could go wrong, Glenn frustrated me at every turn with effective planning and professional execution. He robbed me of the satisfaction of having to jump in and point out things he missed, and proactively contacted my team to ensure they were connected and happy. This prevented me from becoming distracted by the IT installation and I therefore had to spend time doing my job and not worrying about the amount of time our connections were down. Very disappointing.

I believe such so called ‘good’ customer service should be brought to your attention. As a responsible employer, you appreciate the benefit and smug satisfaction of pointing out failings in others, predicting catastrophe and jumping in to demonstrate that you know it all. Depriving me of these small victories is both humiliating and degrading.

In light of this I would like to suggest that you discipline Glenn accordingly. Perhaps with a little gold star which he has to wear so that all his colleagues know that he has done a ‘good’ job. With any luck the embarrassment this causes will prevent such professional competence rearing its ugly head again.


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